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Full T1 Internet circuits offer high-speed connections directly to the Internet for businesses that need high-performance and always on connectivity to the Internet. T1 service provides speeds of 1.544 Mbps and can be used for multiple applications including high capacity data transmission, email traffic, large files, or host a web site. Businesses that require full T1 circuits typically have 10 or more employees accessing the Internet. Full Internet T1 pricing starts at $349 per month.

Managed Internet Service allows you to fully outsource your Internet connectivity management to the experts. Manged Internet providers will install a pre-configured router solution, manage and maintain the router, and monitor your Internet connection 24 hours a day for a fraction of the cost of implementing and managing this in house. Have confidence that your Internet connection will always be reliable whether you require it for a mission critical application or simply surfing the web. Full Internet T1 service with a Managed Router starts at $389 per month.

Fractional T1 services offer Internet connectivity to businesses that need high-level bandwidth but not a full T1. Businesses who choose fractional T1 service still receive the same high-performance and always on connectivity of a full T1but with less capacity. Fractional T1’s allow businesses to access the internet for data, email, file transfers and web traffic in the same manner as full T1’s, but users get to take advantage of the cost savings because they have less bandwidth requirements. Order fractional T1 pricing starting at $299 per month.






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